The BeOcean Bungalows are located right on the Walur Beach situated on a secluded stretch just outside the Krui town in South-West Coast Sumatra surrounded by nature, ocean and stunning views...

To reach this corner of Sumatra you have to fly into the Indonesian capital of Jakarta where most domestic destinations leave from, then a short flight to Bandar Lampung in South Sumatra.

From Bandar Lampung you have the choice of getting picked up from one of our trusted drivers and a 6 to 7 hour drive lies ahead of you to get to Krui, but don't worry! The minute you step into our place you just have to sit back and relax...we take care of the rest!


When planning a surf trip to a remote destination that you haven't visited before you wonder what should I pack? This is why we would like to give advice on some useful information that should be taken into consideration when traveling to South-West coast Sumatra.

Surfing gear:

  • We recommend you bring 2 or 3 boards depending on your surf. Waves over here are generally between 3ft-8ft and the bigger swells can get you up to 12ft.
  • Bodyboarders also recommended to bring at least 2 bodyboards.
  • Reef booties
  • Rash vest
  • Surf hat
  • Extra wax
  • Second set of fins / second pair of bodyboard fins
  • Extra leg/arm rope
  • High protection sunscreen

You should also include in your luggage:

  • Hat or cap to protect from the sun outside the water
  • Sarong or scarf
  • Sunglasses
  • Long sleeve cotton shirt and long trousers.
  • Small torch
  • Mosquito repellent for the tropics
  • Trainers/sneakers or trekking boots for those interested in trekking
  • First aid kit with essentials on traveling to the tropics

Suggested items you might want to bring:

  • Fishing gear, spearfishing gun
  • Snorkeling gear

Health Issues

We strongly recommend taking out a travel insurance, specially when traveling to remote destinations.

Even though in Krui there is a small clinic that can assist minor injuries and a hospital in the Liwa town one hour from Krui they are still not 100% reliable for more specific injuries.

In Krui there are several pharmacies available, though if you require specific medication don't forget to bring plenty with you.

Prior to departure you should seek medical advise when traveling to Indonesia in South East Asia. Indonesia usually has specific medical and vaccination issues that should be considered and treated accordingly.

With regards to Malaria or Dengue fever, the risk varies according to the area.
The Krui region itself is not classified as a risk area for dengue nor malaria so you shouldn't worry too much during your stay, nevertheless mosquito bites can be uncomfortable specially if you're prone to them so take care during dusk and dawn by wearing long-sleeved shirts and long trousers, have a strong tropical repellent to put on exposed parts of your body too.
All beds have their own mosquito nets and bedrooms have anti-mosquito plugs.


Indonesia has a 30 day tourist visa available for most countries (VOA visa on arrival), which depending on your country of origin you might pay or not the tourist arrival fee for 30 days which is approximately U.S.$35 paid directly in customs at the airport of arrival.

When entering the Indonesian country your passport must have a minimum 6 months validity.

If you intend to stay longer than 30 days we recommend visiting the Indonesian embassy web page in your country of origin to find out more about other visas.

If you travel around Indonesia there are small domestic airport fees, they change from place to place. When leaving the country you must also pay departure fees 150.000Rp so make sure you don't run out of cash!


There are no money changers in the area therefore we recommend you previously exchange cash in the Jakarta airport before arriving in Bandar Lampung. Currently in Krui there is only one ATM which accepts MasterCard only, in some occasions it even runs out of money supply! So your next option is one hour drive up to the Liwa town where you'll find more ATMs accepting both Visa and MasterCard. Nevertheless you should have some cash on you just in case. A recommended amount is around 3.000.000Rp per week stay (roughly 300$ or 200€) to settle bar tabs, rented scooter/car, boat trips, trekking guides, purchase of any local goodies etc.


You must fly into Jakarta airport and then take another flight to Bandar Lampung in South Sumatra. There are a few local airlines that offer easy online booking. Check out Garuda Indonesia, Sriwijaya Air or Lion Air.

Otherwise you have the option of purchasing a ticket in the Jakarta airport the day you arrive in the domestic terminal. The most trustworthy out of these is Garuda Airlines.

There is a flight connecting Bandar Lampung to Krui in a small plane. Should you wish to have more info please let us know and we will give you the updates on this option.

Local Customs

Sumatra is dominated by the Muslim religion, having a moderate and mellow Muslim approach in our region of Krui, however when leaving our premises you should take into consideration their local customs.
Indonesians are very much attached to their traditions, ethnics and religion believes.
If you have any questions related to their customs or traditions during your stay please do not hesitate asking as we can give you plenty of information on this matter!
Over the years, we have made good friends and have met incredible people, some of which have taught us real lessons of modesty making us feel very grateful.

Indonesians also have a strong rooted hospitality towards foreigners that visit their country which could explain the genuine smiles and their curiosity when you meet them!

Dressing code: even though men are also seen more respectful wearing long sleeved shirts and long trousers when going out, you're perfectly fine wearing your bordies and t-shirt!
Woman in particular are generally advised to wear modest and discrete garments, especially if they are invited or come across a formal gathering. Nevertheless (as personal experiences) you can perfectly go around places wearing discrete t-shirts and singlets, discrete short trousers and skirts just above your knees.
If you're strolling down the beach we recommend girls to take a sarong, whereas with guys it's more easygoing just to wear your boardies and no t-shirts.

There is definitely a huge difference from cultures when foreigners visit this area, specially because it's a tiny village in the middle of nowhere, but this in fact makes it more attractive...enjoying its differences and appreciating the diversity of life...enrich your soul!

Surf Related

You should come prepared with extras on your surf gear as suggested above. There is only one local surf shop which really doesn't offer that many options if you come across gear shortage. There is a good ding repair 30 minutes from our place if you need to use him, we will happily organize taking your board over to him if needed.

The surf in this area is not exactly suited for the very beginners although there are days when the swell drops and you have some options, but really some surf skills would come in handy to give you a wider surfing choice.


Sumatra has a very tropical weather with two seasons, the dry season which extends from May to October and the wet season from November to April.
Average outside temperatures 29C, average water temperature 28C.
Humidity levels can reach up to 87%

Getting Around

We can easily arrange either rental scooters which are the most popular way of getting around or a car with a driver which you can rent per half day or full day.


We have 24 hour security in our premises for your peace of mind.


Within our premises we only sell beer. Occasionally we can have other alcoholic drinks available and it is entirely to our guests responsibility if bringing other duty free alcohols with them.
With this we remind travelers that Indonesia has very strict laws on possession of illicit substances therefore it is advisable to avoid any temptation whatsoever when traveling to and from Indonesia.
Please refer to our terms and conditions for more details.