Terms and Conditions


A 30% non-refundable deposit fee is required to reserve your booking. On receipt of our deposit invoice, there is a limit of 6 days to forward the deposit payment otherwise we reserve the right to withdraw your booking. Final payment must be made 4 to 6 weeks prior to arrival if not we have the right to withdraw your booking.


Our cancelation policy is as follows:

  • Cancellations are made in writing by email.
  • Only 50% of the total amount will be refunded if cancellations are made after final payment has been received and if notice of cancellation has been given 6 to 8 weeks prior to arrival date.
  • No refunds whatsoever are given if cancellations are made less than 4 weeks prior to arrival.
  • Your booking will be cancelled if final payment is not met within the established time frame.


Bookings are charged per night.

  • Check in time will be from 12pm in the initial day of booking.
  • Early morning arrivals after 00.00hrs will be considered as a normal bookings night
  • Checkout time is at 12pm.
    In case guests want to have a late check out after 12pm and before 6pm a supplement will be charged. (Only available if there are no arrivals scheduled for the same day of check out).
  • All bookings check out after 6pm will be considered a full day booking


BeOcean Bungalows will not be held responsible for illicit actions that may take place outside our premises, in addition we will not be liable for the consequences that may cause disrespectful behavior towards local customs. This will be entirely your own responsibility.
BeOcean Bungalows reserves the right to void your booking during your stay due to inappropriate and disrespectful behavior. In this case you're also denied the right to a refund.
BeOcean Bungalows will assist you to the best of their knowledge given a situation beyond your scope and which has not been legitimately caused by one of our guests.

Not Liable

BeOcean Bungalows will not be held liable for the following:

  • Delays before or after arrival in terms of war, terrorism, civil unrest, natural disasters, situations beyond our will and control...however we will put all our diligence to assist you if we can in the best way possible without jeopardizing our safety and other guests.
  • If you incur normal airline delays when traveling to our destination. You have the responsibility of letting us know by telephone, text or email of any possible delays you may have to reschedule your airport transfer, otherwise we will not be held responsible for the extra cost. This also includes bookings made through us from Jakarta to Bandar Lampung or to Krui.
  • Theft, illness, death, damage or loss of personal property, while traveling to/from or staying at the BeOcean Bungalows
  • Internet/Booking related problems with your reservation
  • Legal matters related to drugs, crime, violence, or any unlawful behavior in and out of Indonesia.
  • Excess baggage on any means of transportation, fees for visa on arrival, departure tax fees, domestic tax fees, charges applied on overstay, visa extensions, passport related issues such as the established 6 month legal validity already advised
  • Extra expenses if you eat outside our premises, particularly if you become sick
  • Sickness caused by eating out
  • Extra expenses of any kind


  • BeOcean Bungalows can change the content or add to the content within our terms & conditions at any time before, during and after your booking as well as during your stay with us.
  • Adjust prices at any time due to circumstances beyond our control.
  • BeOcean Bungalows can alter booking dates due to weather conditions, safety issues, or situation out of our control.


  • You have been informed about visa entry to Indonesia, and other visa related issues. Please refer to your country of origin if you intend to obtain a different visa.
  • Passport minimum validity of 6 months on entry.
  • You are aware of the importance of traveling with travel insurance.
  • You know that you're traveling to a remote destination.
  • Medical issues should be treated accordingly as well as medical advise when traveling to tropical countries.
  • You have been advised on local customs. Should you have further questions on this matter we will do our best to inform you correctly.
  • Guests under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult
  • We will assist you in any way we can, provided it doesn't put any of the other guests or ourselves in a dangerous situation

Privacy Policy

Any information shared during or after the course of your booking will not be mislead or forward to other parties unless legal interaction is undertaken and puts us on risk.